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We provide a specialist legal money advice service that is delivered by a team of money advice caseworkers through face to face sessions, telephone and online advice.
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Working with people who are unemployed to build their skills and confidence through training and volunteering opportunities.


The Wellbeing Project is part of a new partnership which will focus on laying the foundation for community inclusion and wellbeing for local residents by working in a collaborative way.
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Community development has been a major part of our work over many years and we embrace Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) as part of our practice.

Who we are

GL Communities works in Gloucestershire’s urban areas to recognise and support the gifts, skills and talents of our residents and communities. We make space for people to grow, to be more than they are now. We support local community development, advice, education and training activities to increase residents’ confidence, skills levels and reliance - particularly for people who live with ill health, disability, caring responsibilities or unemployment.

Learn how we started in the community, from the roots of being community projects to the organisation that we are today.

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How to Contribute

There are many benefits in volunteering and we want you to make the best of your own personal goals within this community scheme like; training, personal development, socializing to name but a few.


If are interested in what we do in the local community and would like to get involved please donate and give something back to your community.


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