Community Development

Working in large social housing estates in Gloucestershire to develop the social and economic wellbeing of both individuals and the community. We are seen as an anchor organisation by those who want to create a better future for themselves and their community.

5 Ways of Wellbeing

We All Need A Little Extra Support...

Many things can affect our health and wellbeing, such as where we live, how we spend our time, our financial situation and our relationships with family and friends.

The Wellbeing Project established in Matson, Robinswood and White City is part of a new partnership which will focus on laying the foundation for community inclusion and wellbeing for local residents by working in a collaborative way.

Sustainable Community Development

The concept of a “sustainable community” does not describe just one type of neighborhood, town, city or region. Activities that the environment can sustain and that residents want and can afford may be quite different from community to community.

Rather than being a fixed thing, a sustainable community is continually adjusting to meet the social and economic needs of its residents while preserving the environment’s ability to support it.

Safe & Healthy Community

The needs of everyone in the community are met and people feel safe, healthy and ultimately happy

Local Economic Community

Meet local needs locally wherever possible.


Our environment is appreciated, protected and enhanced and damage to the environment is minimised.

Skills and Knowledge

Maximise everyone's access to the skills and knowledge needed to play a full part in society.


Value and protect diversity and local distinctiveness and strengthen local community and cultural identity.

Community decision-making

Empower all sections of the community to participate in decision-making and consider the social and community aspects of decisions.

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The Big Difference Scheme (BDS) could offer you up to 90% off our average yearly bill. You don’t need to be behind on your bills or on benefits to apply. The scheme is available to Severn Trent customers who may be finding it difficult or struggling to pay their water bill and need a little extra help.

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We are proud to be a funded Community Partner of the Gloucestershire Gateway Trust (GGT) to support our work in local communities. Visit their website to find out more about this and other funded partners in the GGT Community.

Gloucestershire Gateway Trust
Lloyds Bank Foundation
Gloucestershire County Council
Big Lottery Community Fund
Stroud District Council