We have a number of ongoing projects that we support in the local community, working with volunteers on the ground to disributing surplus food donated by local supermarkets.

Partnership working is a core value of our organisation and we carry out a range of work from support to small groups through to being a key player in partnerships with larger organisations.
The site in early spring

LOOP - Looking Out for Others Potential

Neighbourhood Connectors

Our Neighbourhood Connectors motivate and support Local Residents, to get involved within their own community and work together help create caring and connected neighbourhoods.  More neighbourliness on every street will lead to a sense of belonging for everyone and help us create a better life for us all.

Neighbourhood Connector identify community minded residents in their neighbourhood and support them in becoming volunteers using a sympathetic approach.  They;

  • involve others in conversations, activities, and relationships
  • build on the strengths and potential of the people living nearby
  • networking into wider support
  • grow and nurture volunteers
  • learn what people care enough about to come together to change
  • discover local skills, interests, ideas, connections and inventiveness
  • have fun, make new friends

Your local Charity Shop!

We have a dedicated group of local volunteers that help in running our long-standing charity shop, based next to our main office we sell a number of items donated graciously from the members of the public, from children's clothing to DVD's and puzzles.

Our staff & volunteers are happy to serve from Monday 10:00am until 2:30pm and 10:30am to 12:30pm Tuesday through to Friday.

Pop in and have a browse, you never know something might catch you eye!

Donations are welcome!

Don’t let your charitable donations go to waste!
Please can you only drop items off at the shop when it is open.

We are unable to sell anything left on our doorstep for health and safety reasons.
Let's Grow

Stronger Together