The project is based on a three-acre site next to the north bound Gloucester motorway services. The area is managed for the benefit of wildlife and the local community, and is planted with a selection of native trees, shrubs and wildflowers.  There is also an orchard with local varieties of apples and pears.

There are opportunities for local groups and individuals to help out.  For example, in early 2022 we held a number of tree planting sessions.
The site in early spring

Site in early spring

It feels like another part of the holiday and not just the journey home.  Just to be able to pull over and walk through a meadow and see the colour, the paths and the butterflies – it’s just that bit more refreshing.




Herb Garden


Tree Planting
Species of wildflower
Growing and that doesn’t include the many different grasses.
Of native trees and shrubs.
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Fruits of our labour!

Serving the community

We grow a selection of soft fruit, including currants, blackberries and raspberries, that is harvested and used in community kitchens and cafes.  Over the winter we have propagated more blackcurrant and gooseberry plants to add to our collection.

Hive a nice day!

Pride of Place

In 2020, Fair Shares built a wooden bee that sits in pride of place by the entrance to the growing space.  In summer there is an abundance of wild flowers that attract pollinators, including bees, hoverflies and butterflies.

So many weeds, so little thyme!

The outcome
We have several raised beds planted with herbs and edible flowers.  We have started to grow herb plants from cuttings and seeds.  As well as provide a harvest, some will be used to create displays in the services and others will be used by other community projects.
Let's Grow