Dangerous strategies people in fuel poverty adopt to cope

Dangerous strategies people in fuel poverty adopt to cope

An NEA survey of front-line workers and wider feedback from stakeholders highlighted some of the most common coping strategies encountered last winter. As we launch the Warm and Safe Homes Campaign we ask everyone to look for vulnerable people and offer help and advice on how to stay warm and safe this winter.

Warm & Safe

Although NEA survey did not evidence this, we know in extreme cases people may resort to energy theft which is extremely dangerous. Over 150,000 cases were uncovered last year and many of these caused death or major injury. Contact stayenergysafe anonymously on 0800 02327777 if you witness or are encouraged by others to carry out enery theft.

NEA seeks to achieve this objective through a wide range of activities including campaigning work, policy development, implementation of practical programmes and training and advice services. For more information please read this leaflet here also go to this website on government endorsed Simple Energy Advice.


We facilitate the connecting of residents, local business, and local services in becoming thriving and aspiring communities. We support local community development, advice, education and training activities to increase residents’ confidence, skills levels and reliance.

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