Advice Team Receiving Award

Institute of Money Advisers’ Award for Best Partnership

This has been a very exciting year for Money Advice West, not only did the partnership launch it’s brand in January but it also saw it’s best work yet, reaching more people than before.  We were of course delighted to celebrate the success by receiving the Institute of Money Advisers’ award for Best Partnership.

Money Advice West, led by Talking Money, provides money and debt advice in Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire, Bristol and North Somerset with 7 other excellent advice agencies:

  • GL Communities
  • North Bristol Advice Centre
  • St Pauls Advice Centre
  • Citizens Advice Bristol
  • South Bristol Advice Services
  • Citizens Advice North Somerset

We have worked hard over the last year to continue to make Money Advice West as accessible and as high quality as possible.  We recognise that money is becoming tighter for many people, especially with the cuts and redundancies that continue to take place, but want to reassure our community that whatever the problem might be, we will try and help.  Money Advice West is here to help, not to judge and you would be surprised at how sharing your money worries, really can help.

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