Community Growing Project

The Community Growing Project is a partnership project between Gloucester Services, The Gateway Trust and GL Communities.  Volunteers supported by GL Communities have been developing the site so that it has wildlife meadows, a community orchard and new woodland of 1,000+ native trees and hedgerows on three acres of land on the Gloucester Services Northbound site on the M5.

Paul Stepney who has been managing the project says ‘finally after 2 years of combating 6 feet weeds and access issues, the Growing Communities Project is starting to meet the vision that we had for it.  Over these years, a wide range of volunteers have battled the elements and maintained and developed the site and this September (2017) we will harvest our first crop of fruit.
Hi, I stopped at Gloucester Services last week with my husband. After a coffee, we walked up behind the services to find an absolutely beautiful wildlife area, with pollen-rich wildflowers, young trees and nestboxes. It was obviously being transformed and cared for with a great deal of love, hard work and skill. Apparently it's all down to one gardener and a team of volunteers. Would you please thank them, and tell them how much joy it brought to two weary travellers!

Best wishes,