Trustee's Week - What our trustee's have to say

The board of trustee's have had a chance of having a few words on what it is like to be a trustee with GL Communities.


Mike Norman

Mike Norman

The reason I volunteer, it gives me a sense of purpose, an identity & also a way of giving something back to the community & the organisation that helped & supported me when I was struggling with life problems, I have now volunteered for nearly 30 years & one thing it has done is give me a huge sense of wellbeing, to give me a reason to get up in the morning, get out & meet people & to give me a chance to use my skills to help someone less fortunate than me.

MY RECOMMENDATION is Get Out & Give Something Back Become A Volunteer & what better place to be than GL COMMUNITIES

We Would Love To See You.

Jan Parrott

Jan Parrott

My background is in finance, I worked at the Council for almost 20 years in the accountancy section. I started off as an accountancy assistant and then took AAT exams and became a service accountant. I was in this role for a long time before taking redundancy, during a restructure to cut costs.

During my time at the council I was treasurer for three charities which the Council facilitated, my role as treasurer for the charities was more hands on as I did all the financial work around the charities, including paying invoices, reconciling the bank statements preparing the accounts for audit, and completing returns for the charities commission. These were however on a very much smaller scale than GL Communities.

After being made redundant I took time out, and was later asked if I would be interested in becoming a board member, something I never thought about before. I came along and met Sue, who gave me an overview of what GL did; I must say it was extremely overwhelming.

It has taken me a while to get my head around all the work that goes on, and I am still learning. I am amazed at the amount of work and how hard all the staff work to contribute to the success of GLC.

There is a wonderful sense of community within GLC, something which I feel is lacking in society at the moment. It is a privilege to be on the board of a charity which does so much good within the local community and beyond. My strength is in finance and I’m very comfortable with numbers and I hope that I can continue to contribute in this area.


Albert Gardiner

Albert Gardiner

What is your role on the board and how does it feed into the work of the charity?
I joined the board as a trustee of GL Communities in 2017. I ensure that governance matters are adhered to. Trustees provide strategic direction, supporting the staff team to achieve the agreed outcomes.

How does your role on the board differ from your day job?
My day job involves working as a Pastoral Support Leader in a secondary school, this differs greatly to the trustee role, although I try to ensure that the voice of our members is heard. My spare time is spent volunteering where I serve on a number of local Governing Bodies within the Voluntary and Community sector. I have worked tirelessly to bring about change and have been a driving force in bringing different communities, groups, churches together.

Becoming a trustee is a big commitment, how do you manage your time?
I manage my time by prioritization of tasks and involvement with other commitments. I also ensure that I maximise my time at meetings, ensuring that everything is covered, therefore I’m not attending meetings merely for meetings sake, but every meeting has a purpose.

What motivated you to become a trustee?
Wanting to be the change I wanted to see in the community and the notion of social responsibility. It is so easy to sit on the fence and simply complain, when I have the ability to made a difference, no matter how simple or small. If I can influence change but choose not to, I have no real claim to complain as I am the one who need to be the change I want to see.

What process did you go through to join the board and how did the organisation support you?
I have always been aware of GL Communities; its work is well known in Gloucestershire. When I found myself as a loose end as a result of another Trusteeship coming to the end of office, I got to know the organisation by doing some research, attending a few meetings and meeting up with the Chief Officer. Through this process I was able to observe GLC and understand the role it plays in the county

What are the top three pieces of advice you would give to a business volunteer interested in becoming a trustee?
Just do it


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