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DWP SERVICE UPDATE – Wirecard accounts frozen by FCA

On 26 June 2020, the Financial Conduct Authority placed a number of restrictions on Wirecard Card Solutions LTD.

Those who hold accounts by which Wirecard is the parent company such as Pockit will be affected. Their pre-payment cards will no longer be of use at cash machines and in shops, and they will no longer be able to access their accounts until the restrictions are lifted.

If you receive DWP payments of any kind into accounts held by companies associated with Wirecard, or have not been able to access your account since Friday 26 June 2020, please call the enquiry line specific to the benefit or pension you receive. These numbers can be found at the top of any correspondence customers have received from the DWP and are listed. More information can be access on the relevant benefit pages here.

We will not ask for your account details, but will request your security information. We will ask that those affected provide alternative method of payment details so that we can issue the support you need as soon as possible. We will be contacting claimants affected by this issue. We would never ask for your account details on these calls.

We understand this may be a worrying time, and are here to help you with your benefit payments and let you know about other help that is available.

Universal Credit

0800 328 5644

Attendance Allowance

0800 731 0122

Bereavement Benefit

0800 731 0139

Bereavement Support

0800 731 0469

Carers Allowance

0800 731 0297

Pension Credit

0800 99 1234

State Pension

0800 731 7898

Personal Independence Payment

0800 121 4433

Disability Living Allowance

0800 121 4600

Industrial Injuries

0800 121 8379

Employment Support Allowance

0800 328 5644 (choose option 2)

Income Support

0800 169 0310

Jobseekers Allowance

0800 169 0310

Maternity Allowance

0800 169 0283

Social Fund

0800 169 0140

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