NUS Green Impact Award - GL Communities

NUS Green Impact Award - GL Communities

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Paul Stepney
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The Green Impact scheme has been devised by Gloucestershire University, sponsored by Gloucestershire County Council and delivered through the GEM Programme and individually through organisations that wish to follow the programme.

 It is a three stage award programme to help organisations follow good environmental practices. The programme gives three awards from Bronze, Silver then Gold . The organisations follows a list of  activities in order to achieve good practice in waste management, energy use, conservation, developing wildlife, water use, purchasing practices, procurement of services and general day to day activities within the organisation.

GL Communities first took part in this programme in 2019 and achieved Gold in the first year.  In 2020 the standards were raised and GL Communities rose to the challenge to achieve the Gold again alongside 4 other organisations. This work has been supported by a member of our staff who is very committed to protecting and enhancing the environment.

 The journey towards good practice in environmental standards started for GL communities in 2009.  The staff were keen and interested to see what they could do to make a difference. Recycling points were established across each venue and were generally used quite well. An area at the Phoenix Centre was specifically allocated to separate composting material, building waste, old furniture , steel and other larger items. The charity was actually financially benefitting from iron and clothes weigh in. At the time we had a large van and could transport big items to other charities to sell.

The second year of development saw the charity contract business recycling , understand the significance of the fair trade food distribution and set procedures for local contractors, local products and green products for cleaning and administration. We are also working towards a paperless office and would like to see the setting up of electric charging points at our buildings to encourage electrical  vehicle use in Matson from our venues.

 Covid 19 has had a dramatic effect on local businesses and communities but has also shown how we can reduce car use and increase working from home, cycle and walk/run for exercise. GL Communities has adapted well to this and is looking forward to its third Gold award in 2021 and is willing and able to promote our gold standard to other organisation that are interested in what we have done .   

We will work closely with Gloucestershire University to help promote Green Impact acorss Gloucestershire and the UK.