Community & Economic Development

GL Communities is undertaking targeted development work to support and build communities in four areas of Gloucestershire: Matson and Robinswood,  Podsmead, White City and Stonehouse. Community development has been a major part of our work over many years and we embrace Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) as part of our practice. ABCD takes an innovative approach but looking for the positive strengths and the aspirational potential within the community and facilitates its growth.

We work with a number of organisations in partnerships and also have projects that we run or support some of which are listed below. 

They are:

  • Podsmead Big Local - we are one of their LTO's - Locally Trusted Organisations and provide a range of support to them including management support for their staff.
  • All Pulling Together (APT) Stonehouse - we provide management support to their Community Builder, as well as some outreach sessions through our advice service.
  • In Matson and Robinswood we work with partners to run a community cafe and we also have a volunteer run charity shop and a Men’s Shed.  
  • As part of our work with the 'Power of Three' (see report) we are exploring the creation of a childcare network.

  • Podsmead Big Local

    Podsmead Big Local is about bringing together all the local talent, ambitions, skills and energy from individuals. Read More
  • APT Stonehouse

    APT offers advice, training and support for people in Stonehouse Read More
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In Matson

  • Trinity Charity Shop

    Trinity Charity Shop At the Trinity Centre you may have been in our Charity Shop which is almost like Aladdin’s Cave, with lots of wonderful things in it including; Clothes, Bric-a-brac, Ornaments , CD’s, DVD’s, Shoes, Pictures, Baby items, Toys, Jewellery etc. We sell items at a reasonable cost with an Read More
  • The Gateway Cafe

    Gateway Cafe The Gateway café is based in the heart of Matson and is a thriving hive of activity due to the amazing facilities we offer this community with the help and support of wonderful volunteers. This is a prime example of what can be achieved by Read More
  • Men's Shed

    Men's Shed Matson Men's Shed was set up in 2016, with the support of the Big Lottery it was possible to build a new shed and equip it and for people from the community to come forward and be part of it. A Men’s Shed is a Read More
  • The Power of Three

    Childcare Childcare Network GL Communities is exploring the possibility of developing a flexible wraparound childcare service. As part of its work with ‘The Power of Three’ which is a partnership covering Matson, Robinswood and White City, a shortage of childcare services was identified.  Particularly services that Read More
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