The Difference We Make

We work with people in the urban areas of Gloucestershire to, create greater levels of economic well-being, to build confidence, self-belief and motivation and to empower them to build better futures.

In 2017 to 18 GL Communities achieved:

  • We provided money advice to 776 people in financial difficulty which was an increase of 20.87% on the previous year.
  • The Money Advice Team managed £2,720,029 of household debt.
  • The Money Advice Team secured £238,750 in benefits and set up debt management plans of £192,293.
  • We worked with 52 volunteers who provided 6544 volunteer hours - worth £78,528
  • We worked with 51 people who had been long term unemployed through our GEM project and 31% of them gained employment.  
  • 70% of those that came on the GEM scheme undertook training and education.
  • We worked with 35 people with additional needs through the Phoenix centre who attended the centre on a weekly basis, providing a space for people to learn new skills and make new friends.
  • We acted as an Anchor Organisation for 6 other organisations, employing and managing staff for those who did not have the resources to do this, we have also held money and leases for other groups, lent them equipment and provided space in our buildings.
  • Our three social enterprises – café, second hand shop and gardening project have all provided work experience opportunities for members of our communities as well as a service for the community.  Our gardening project – Dig Deep has successfully set up as an independent social enterprise. 
  • Our Money Advice Team who work as part of the Money Advice West Partnership won a national award from the ‘Institute of Money Advisers’ for the Best Partnership. 
  • The quality of our Money Advice Team was recognised by achieving the Advice Quality Standard.

This can lead to improvements in:

  • Mental health and well being.
  • Improvements in economic well being.
  • Confidence to create the changes that they would like to see.
  • Improved relationships with others.
  • Greater sense of belonging.
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