Case Study

GEM - David

GEM Case Study - David

David rang me on 18th August 2020 saying that Dan from the MP office has suggested I call you for employment support. It was nice to be acknowledge for my work so was pleased with his introduction and arranged to meet him at Gloucester bus station for a social distance meeting.

At the bus station we had a chat to assess his present situation being 5 months unemployed from an airport redundancy and living of his savings. The first advice was on how to sign on as he had always worked since arriving from Somalia.

He was educated to a master level in tourism, but his work experience never reached that level with the majority in hospitality porter roles. Presently hospitality jobs were low due to lock down, so we agreed to focus on care and security where he has some experience.

 In August he was in process for benefit and was focusing on job search, application processes and attending interviews. We assessed his CV, job search in total 20 care jobs and 10 security jobs and we looked at potential training for both trades. He attended 2 interviews and developed well within his application, due to tough scrutiny on that process.

 By September Hospitality had returned out of lockdown so we could focus on that. We continued with care job searches but were finding a lack of qualifications was affecting his applications, where security roles seemed to be a lack of present experience. At this point we were assessing over 40 jobs to apply for and focusing on good applications for the more likely posts.

As a result of this focused effort David secured a full time job at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital as a Kitchen Porter . He is very grateful of the concise effort and support from myself and is happy in his job.

Paul Stepney
Paul StepneyGEM Navigator DeveloperThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Navigator Developers work directly with individuals signed up to the project, as they guide each person throughout their entire journey to help them reach their goals.

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