Bernie Brick

Bernie Brick

Bernie Brick - Case Study

Bernie is a volunteer at the Phoenix Centre, she has supported us by attending many of our events and sometimes helping with setting up or running events.

Over the lockdown/Covid period Bernie has received support in things such as a food parcel, activity packs, vouchers and sometimes just a listening ear.

On top of the concern around the pandemic Bernie also went through a fire that caused damage to hers and two neighbour’s properties.

Due to this incident Bernie and her neighbours lost quite a lot of items that were in their gardens, luckily Gloucestershire Gateway Trust supported us by making vouchers available for the affected people so they could get replacement products.

I had a conversation with Bernie and she said that she felt “safe and confident to contact GL Communities if any support is needed” and would “definitely recommend GL Communities to others as they are very positive and helpful”

Bernie also said that “GL Communities has helped her with her mental health, to meet and befriend others and has brought her new opportunities such as training, volunteering and joining the GEM Project who support people who are searching for job opportunities”

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